A Bio Resonance Full Body Scan while you relax in our calm surroundings.

Bioresonance is a system with the ability to check and analyse all of the automatic processes and internal functions of the body, which can then produce a functional health assessment of the body’s tissues getting to the root of any problems.

This analysis allows us to make a diagnosis and establish a treatment using oscillatory field frequencies. It is extremely useful to detect functional disorders, followed by the second part of the session where we can initiate an adequate treatment to correct the disorder and return to the organism to its normal physiological activity.

The Advantages of Bio Resonance

If you are unable to attend our clinic, you can send your DNA to us instead. We will introduce your DNA to our Bio resonance system, we will carry out a full body analysis to find the root of your problems and provide you with our report.

Would you like to have the follow up treatment too?
No problem, we will let you know the nutrients or natural remedies that you need to take.

Would you like to have your secondary treatment?
No problem, we can record all of your information on a wearable chip that describes the necessary treatment and send it to you. You then simply wear the chip for a period of time while it performs the same treatment as if you were here in our clinic.

Full body scan

How Does It Work?

Once the data has been obtained, the advanced software is able to compare against a database of almost 14,000 substances which allows the following:

  • Pathology

    The highest check of pathologies, diseases, chronic illnesses, Joint pains, muscle pains, energy levels, stress levels, unknown diseases, depression.

  • Bacteria

    Data of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc… which can be treated by the system itself.

  • Toxins

    Data checks for toxins, radiations, dental materials, heavy metals, free radicals, organs toxicity, poisoning.

  • Homeopathic Remedies

    The most suitable frequencies in homeopathic remedies, phytotherapy, herbal remedies.

  • Microelements

    Microelements regulate hormones helping to regulate growth, development, and functioning of the immune and the reproductive systems.

  • Vitamins

    Amino acids, vitamins, batch flowers, dialytic water, regulating energy levels.

  • Nutrition

    A food sensitivity test (Food intolerance test) in which we obtain a list of beneficial, neutral and harmful foods for the patient, providing the best advice for nutrition.

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Features In-Depth

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Full body scan
Full body scan
Full body scan

What Happens After The Full Body Scan

Following the scan our system can offer the following therapy options


Using the power of our machine’s bio resonance, we can pass the right frequencies back into the body via the headphones to help heal or improve any identified issues.


Using gems and minerals we can introduce the reparative frequencies back into the body to help with corrective therapy.


Harnessing the power of herbs and plants, we can provide the body with the correct frequencies that have been identified by our scanning software.


We can capture the frequencies from different remedies (Allopathy, Homeopathy, Dietary Supplements, etc) and transfer to your body in medicinal caplets that you can take each day to help with your recovery.

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Each session involves sitting or lying on a bed with headphones on whilst we show you the detailed information on a large screen. It’s very relaxing and you won’t notice anything.

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