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• How Healthy you are?
The human body has to endure a variety of stresses on a daily basis, so we need to make sure everything is still working correctly through regular checks. Our health professionals will guide you step by step.

You will have the information you need to become fitter and healthier, at the end of the treatment.
We know that prevention is better than cure. No matter how healthy you are, there’s always room for improvement. “Start today”

• Make new Habits!!
It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. “Don’t stay stuck, do better”

When you begin any new self-improvement program, your enthusiasm is high and you’re motivated by the pleasure of what you want or the pain of what you don’t want.

• Your practice in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
The Right Therapy is a Small business company providing highest standard of professional treatments adapting to your needs as a therapeutic means of promoting prevention, well being and health.
Our team, Female and Male therapist offering services are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your well being and increase your performance levels.
The Right therapy uses sophisticated modern techniques to provide you with the best in personalized treatment.