The Superconcious Mind Rapid Recode has modernised 5,000 year old ancient hermetic principles. It is the fastest way to remove toxic emotions and limiting beliefs.

  • Do you feel like you were meant for something bigger, but you know there is something holding you back?

  • Would you like to know how to remove your biggest inner blocks and limitations in under 10 minutes?

  • Do you want to know the “fastest” way to reprogram your brain for success?

If so, then you are going to love The Magnetic Mind Superconscious Recode because it is changing how people rewire their minds to become a magnet for everything they desire.

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So why don't people find the solution to their problems?
Here's the truth:

There is a big problem in the personal development world when it comes to mental reprogramming that no one is talking about. The difference between being “satisfied with what you have” or being able to “consciously manifest a life that is aligned with your true desires”.

Traditional methods of brain reprogramming only address half of the equation. They focus on “fixing” or “healing” your existing problems or past traumas.

The problem with these methods are:

The nature of problem-solving means you will always have to look to fix or improve things in order to be motivated.

Consider this; if no problem exists, your brain will still automatically go looking for problems to fix in order for you to “improve”, because that’s what it has been programmed to do!

Why: because in the past, fixing problems has been your primary focus, and more often than not you will find more than enough to go around. So much so that it becomes a lifelong journey of the problem-solution orientation of books, seminars and, it is a stark contrast to what the super successful do – they do not try to solve problems. instead, they create what they love.

A Millionaire Once Told Me...

"You will only SEE IT when you BE IT"

The secret to true manifestation lies in the Hermetic Principles that dates as far back as the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. And, you must stop trying to fix yourself or your current results because any action you take only reinforces that “you are not it” or “not there” which in turn creates an identity of “ you are not there”.

This will stop you ever achieving your desired results because achieving the desired result is in conflict with who you are; “you cannot plant seeds of scarcity and grow an abundance tree”.

  • Why are we fixing one problem and another problem is occurring?
  • Why we say, “next year I will do things differently” but we continue doing the same things, again and again.

What Was I Missing?

Many years later when I discovered that the reason why I was feeling this way was because I was fighting against an internal structure based on the universal law which states “Energy will take the Path of Least Resistance” and it is true.

Most people don’t realise … Success becomes effortless when you understand how to develop a “Creative tension seeking resolution structure” that automatically pulls you towards the correct action on a daily basis.

Unfortunately many of us are not going for what we want because on some level we feel incomplete and as a result we only do enough to avoid some type of pain.

We have designed our lives around solving the 6 ways we feel incomplete:


If you are like most people you have at some point had feelings of inadequacy and that is 100% normal because as a child we needed this programming to take the correct action and stay safe.

As adults we have created new programs or beliefs conflicting with the old programs from childhood. BUT we have very good news for you…

You Can Re-Code Your Brain In Minutes

A revolution in transformation was uncovered in 2015 after 30 years of clinical research in psychotherapy that shows:
We create all of our existing beliefs, limits, personalities and emotions.

However we have never had a fast and easy way to align our own internal consciousness with our true desires to create sustainable long term success. Until now. And it is called: THE SUPERCONSCIOUS MAGNETIC MIND RAPID RECODE. It is the bridge between the old world and the new. 

Magnetic mind works by creating a connection with your Superconscious genius and, teaches your brain how to create new connections as well as release lifelong beliefs and trauma.

This technology works because of the science of neuroplasticity that says your brain CAN change.

Magnetic mind is like a user manual for your mind. Now it is possible to take control of your mind and recode it in minutes.


This Is The Biggest Thing Since NLP or Tapping


If you are looking to create fast changes in all the different aspects in your life, you have to watch this documentary of the brain recoding in a matter of minutes

(then try it for yourself)

Rapidly Recode Your Identity
In 5 Steps

A “True Goal” focuses on the acceptance of what you want rather than focusing on finding a solution to an existing problemTrue goals align your target with your end result and allow you to move forward with complete clarity and excitement about your new future. (Magnetic mind)

It is your structure that determines your behaviour. A “Creative Tension Seeking Resolution Structure” naturally pulls you towards what you desire without internal struggle and with minimal effort.

Imagine how much your confidence will grow by knowing every decision you make is the right one. (Magnetic mind)

Traditional personal development methods focus on fixing and healing problems. And that doesn’t work because it creates a “fix it” mentality.

Neuro-Emotional Meditation allows you to “Create New Emotional Set Points” based on the person you want to be rather than the person you need to fix and become a magnet for abundance and new opportunity. (Magnetic mind)

Learn to recode a “New Unconscious Identity” so you can finally move forward without restriction from the things that have been holding you back.

Replace old habits, beliefs and feelings with new ones and step into a new reality with laser focus and a deep understanding of your limits. (Magnetic mind)

Knowing which actions to focus on and in what order can mean the difference between success and failure.

You will learn a simple process that aligns your actions with your True Goal to create unparalleled momentum and remove the fear of “Getting It Wrong”.

How Can You Start Learning About This Revolutionary Method?

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Get ready to stop: Anxiety, Procrastination, losing time, internal or external conflicts, panic attacks, takeovers. Choose one of the options below to dowload and start listening to these life changing audios today.

Every audio has a powerful process that is going to teach you how to unlock your potential, they are going to teach you how you can go from where you are right now, to where you would like to be.

To ensure fast changes, it is recommended to listen to these audio’s every day.

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NEGATIVE BELIEF FLIP: This free sample audio file is a sample from the “Negative Emotions” chapter. It will help you to flip a negative emotion into a positive emotion (18.38 min)

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  • Quantum Field: 4 audios
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  • Quantum Field: 2 audios
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