Mobile Massage Service

Mobile Service

Adrian Monllor is highly skilled professional holistic massage therapist, based in Birmingham.

As a fully mobile massage service, if you are unable to attend my consultancy I will make workplace, hotel and home visits.(Travel expenses will be added for distances outside of Birmingham).Therapies take place on a Massage couch ensuring that you receive the best treatment at an ideal height for me to work.

A mixed set of techniques such as Relaxation, Sport massage therapy, Swedish or Deep tissue massage plus trigger points and reflexology depending on the needs of each person.

Massage and Kinesiology – a set of techniques from Eastern and Western worlds that help balance every aspect of your internal and external well-being.The Right Therapy can solve all types of physical and emotional problems ranging from headaches, back pain, shoulder tension and stiff muscles to digestive problems, asthma, fatigue and depression.

Please bring to your appointment:
Appropriate dress (e.g. shorts if examination of lower limbs is required, or vest top if examination of your upper limbs is required)All reports of x-rays, scans, etc., if applicable to your symptoms.

All therapies claim to help and improve your health and are never recommended as a substitute for professional medical advice and support. Therapies are complementary to medical advice. All treatments and therapies offer suggestions and recommendations to achieving greater well being.