Adrian had his work cut out for him as my back was very tight but 20 minutes later I was feeling better after he used pressure, stretching, gentle and hard massage to help loosen it up. Click on the link to read more:

Diana de Rosa

Amazingly, Adrián used Kinesiology to diagnose that the continuous burning sensation along my arm was as a result of a tooth that had decayed. My dentist was sure there wasn’t a problem as the filling was intact and I wasn’t in pain, but an x-ray revealed that the tooth had actually decayed almost right down to the root underneath the filling.

Shirley Ford

I have had back pain for most of my life and was resigned to living with the pain. Adrián was recommended to me and from the very first treatment I noticed a difference. I continued with the treatments and am now able to work in my garden, exercise and walk without pain. Every morning I wake and thank God for Adrian because his treatments have made an enormous difference to my life.


After every visit to Adrian I leave feeling calmer, stress free and totally relaxed to the point I have been known to fall asleep. Don’t ask me how he does this, that’s his expertise, all I know is I shall keep returning time and time again. The room is clean with a very comfortable massage bed and soothing background music adds to the experience.


During the last 3 years I’ve suffered with a sharp pain in my elbow, diagnosed as epicondylitis (tennis elbow). I’d lost all hope of recovery after trying different physiotherapists and osteopaths. I was even given treatment similar to that used on footballers – a plasma injection directly into the ligament. Nothing worked for me like Adrian’s treatment has. He treated this injury along with others caused by movements and postures I’d adopted. In short, I wish I’d met him before!!

Luis Muricia

You are brilliant. Many thanks for your help. I’m feeling free of pain on my back now.


Amazing treatment not only did I feel relaxed I feel like you have helped me with my constant pain thank you so much.

Suzanne Wheeler

FAB! I have eventually found, after 25yrs of constant back pain, someone who has made my daily life less painful. You were very polite and professional in your manor and made my whole way of thinking a lot lighter. I will be back.

Jackie Ricketts

Just home from a full body massage. As an athlete I’m always suffering from aches and pains but since finding Adrian at the right therapy these aches and pains have become less and less. I have been to many physio therapists and masseurs but non come close to Adrian. Would recommend the right therapy to anyone. Thanks again Adrian ?

Kerrith Bhella

With ongoing problems with my right shoulder and sciatica, i had a Kinesology and Sports Massage with Adrian. I did not expect to feel so amazing, loose and flexible in one treatment! Your sound knowlege of your discipline is outstanding and this reflects in your treatment. Many thanks!!

Sally Warrington

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