Full Body MOT


The human body has to endure a variety of stresses on a daily basis. We need to make sure everything is still working correctly through regular checks. Not unlike the Full Body Mot we book our car in for once a year.

We know that prevention is better than cure. Many of us pay more attention to the condition of our car than our body! Try our Full Body MOT.

Full Body Bones realignment + Back massage

60 Mins

Pay After : 75
Pay Before : 65

Trapped emotions release. Back massage, Full Body Bones realignment, Nutrition deficiency check, Energetic re-balance…

60 Mins

Pay After : 85
Pay Before : 75

90 Mins

Pay After : 95
Pay Before : 90

First we will check if your clavicle is on the right line. Second if your hips are on the right line. Third if you legs are the same Length. Every bone of your body is connected with a muscle and every muscle related with an organ. Every organ is related to different functions in your body. Consequently, when your body is out of balance all your body will be affected as a result of illnesses, stress, emotional problem…

The Right Therapy focuses in Bio mechanics, coaching and testing programs, highlight and address the real issues that cause recurrent injury or pain such as; clavicle, shoulder, groin, pelvic girdle, or back pain, as well as reducing the risk of pain or injury in the first place.

The Right Therapy is a global view of our health. Respecting and assisting organisms and mechanisms that our bodies use to be healthy. One of the things that most characterises to The Right Therapy as a technique is the ability to priorities a dysfunction and its treatment. The patient could suffer from various pains or problems, which when seen from the point of view of orthodox medicine, have no relationship to each other but from our perspective they are often related.

This being so, having considered the points of conflict with respect to the patient’s symptoms and having confirmed the relationship that exists between them. As a result we can see what needs to be treated as a priority. After this in most cases there isn’t a need to treat he other symptoms because they are now functioning correctly.

Trapped emotion is a ball of energy that could happen; one day ago, one year ago or at any time in our lives, since we were born.

Every human being has emotions but some moments in our lives the challenges are so much big. Sometimes we have not ability to adapt or overcome and then those emotions create emotional blocks, which drag along our lives sometimes without knowing it.

Some trapped emotions are so large, as a result they can create diseases. The RightTherapy can find the trapped emotions, (they have been blocking our own process of healing) and release them for life.